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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Angel Food's Operating Hours for Events?

Monday through Saturday 5am-12am. We are closed for events on Sundays.

How far away can you cater?

We can service events up to a 1 hour radius away from our facility in Belleville, MI. 1 hour away is the maximum.

What is the difference between a Drop off on Disposable and a Served Event?

At Angel Food we offer two levels of service:

Drop off on Disposable


Served Event

For events that are Drop off on Disposable, our staff will deliver all of your food items on disposable pans and platters. We will help set all of our food up on the buffet. We can provide disposable chafers for an additional charge. We do not leave our warming boxes for drop offs.

For Served Events, our staff will stay and provide service throughout the duration of the event. All food will come on real platters and pans. Our staff will set up the buffet and beverages and also replenish food. Depending on the event (usually for weddings) our staff will serve the food on the buffet.

Do you offer Kosher or Halal meals?

Unfortunately, our kitchen is not a "Kosher" or "Halal" certified kitchen. We can assist you with obtaining those meals from another vendor, if requested.

What is the Service Charge?

Our Service Charge is an all encompassing percentage that covers all the incidentals of catering an event. Such as upkeep of vehicles, insurance & permits, gas mileage gaps, decor, utilities, maintenance of equipment and administrative costs. It is not a gratuity for the service staff.

What is your Minimum?

Our minimum for delivery is $300. During the holiday season (December) our minimum is $1000.

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